Welcome to the World of AI

World of AI is a hobby project combining AI systems with the hive mind of NFT collectors


Zero is the inaugural WOAI collection. It is a light implementation to manually test how AI image generation could work in the NFT space. Zeros use OpenAI's DALL-E 2 for image generation based on (up to) 256-character message stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Zeros have a maximum supply of 2500 and a mint price of 0.05 ETH. They were launched on Sep 6, 2022.

Zeros are still a work in progress. Roadmap items include QOL front-end improvements & IPFS migration.

Created by: @roinevirta



Unlimited is a collection that allows users to interact with StableDiffusion, and later other text-to-image AI systems, to generate NFTs for a very low cost on some Ethereum L2. Unlimited aims to make interacting with AI systems and storing them as NFTs much easier and more accessible. Unlimited will store the creator as part of the NFT's metadata and also distribute any royalties to the creator, not the protocol.

You can join the Unlimited development work on our Discord and Github!


Responses lets you interact with a chatbot, paying extremely small amounts for each input. You can save the answer you get as an NFT, but there cannot be two duplicate responses. Hence, the NFTs will be text-only representations of a chatbot's responses. There could also be some SVG visualisation attached to the responses, perhaps generated by some other AI system.

You can join the Responses development work on our Discord and Github!




Visualised aims to create a visulation of an existing NFT. The owner of, for example, a Loot bag could interact with WOAI/V to create a visualisation of the contents of their existing NFT.

You can join the Visualised development work on our Discord and Github!


Turns a text description, or an image via some interpretation mechanism, into a short audio track. No idea what this could potentially look like or how it might be achieved.

You can join the Noises development work on our Discord and Github!